About Me


Hi I'm Noah!

I help elite athletes train their mind and body to optimize performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?


I was born in London, England, but spent my childhood growing up in Basel Switzerland. Because my mother is American and my father is Italian I hold American and Italian citizenship.

What languages do you speak?


English, German, Swiss-German, Mandarin.

What is your academic background?

  • Currently working towards an EdD in Sport & Performance Psychology
    • University of Western States, Oregon (Active)
  • Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology
    • University of Western States, Oregon (2020)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Golf Management & Marketing
    • Methodist University, North Carolina (2018)

Do you play golf?


I started playing golf at age 12 and was immediately hooked. I decided I wanted to work in the golf industry in the future so I enrolled in the PGA Golf Management program at Methodist University and upon graduation earned my PGA of America Class A membership in 2019.

How do you help athletes?


I work in the intersection of physical and mental performance. I am a performance coach. Elite performance (in any field) is a combination of skill, physical, and mental attributes. The athletes I work with generally already have a certain technical skill level that has gotten them to the point they are at in their career.

I focus on performance optimization.

As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), I help athletes optimize their body to maximize performance.

With my background in sport & performance psychology I help athletes develop and train the necessary mental skills for success during performance.

When working with golfers, I also use my background as a PGA of America Class A Professional to help them analyze their shot data.

Do you offer in-person or online coaching?


Yes, I offer online long-term player development programs. To learn more about my services click here